Hi Everyone! 

I'm just back from an amazing trip to Iceland and I took so many photos over the three days that I thought I would upload some of them on here.

On our first whole day of the trip, Hannah, Jon, Nikki and I went on the Reykjavik Excursions Golden Circle & Fontana Wellness tour. This started out in Þingvellir National Park which lies in a rift valley. When we arrived, it was around 10am and the sun was just coming up - so picturesque! 

After a few stops, we arrived at the Geysir geothermal area where the geyser shoots water up to 30 metre into the air every 5-10 minutes. We only managed to watch this a few times before heading inside because it was freeeeeezing.

After the Geysir, we headed to the Gullfoss Golden Falls Waterfall. This was such an amazing site to see but by this time it was so cold that we only stayed for a few photos!

The final stop of the day was at the Fontana Wellness Spa. Before heading into the natural steam baths, we got a taste of Icelandic rye bread which was slow-baked in the natural hot springs over 24 hours. 

After being in the steam baths, we braved the freezing cold lake - only bearable after being in the sauna for a while (that's ice in front of us)!

• • • • • • • • • • •

The following day, we explored Reykjavik; strolling round the Marina, the Harpa Concert Hall, the shops and cafes in Downtown Reykjavik, the Hallgrímskirkja and the Sun Voyager sculpture. Then as we were leaving earlyish the next morning, we stayed out all night ... only young once! ;)

I would definitely recommend a trip to Iceland if you ever get the chance; even a few days is enough to see so much. And if you get to see the Northern Lights while you're there, that's always a bonus! 


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