Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend! 

It's Mother's Day here soon so I thought it would be apt to do a little round up of some products! My mum and I have very similar tastes when it comes to jewellery and skin care products (plus we both love chocolate) so basically everything in this post is some of my favourite products that I know she'll love too! 

I know we have Mother's Day here in the UK on the 15th March and I believe it is on the 10th May (also my birthday!) in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and a lot of other countries too (listed here)! Add in the dates of Mother's day where you live in the comments! :)

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The BEST (in my opinion) self tanner. I love this stuff! The ingredients are all natural and organic and due to the fact that the colour is derived from cacao, it doesn't go orange or have that horrible 'tan smell'! The Coconut Body Milk is also amazing for beating that winter dry skin!

Find out more or buy here.



Another one of my favourite skincare/ beauty products; Cocokind Skincare is a range of natural organic virgin coconut oil products (see my previous review here for more information). The cleansing oil and eye firming oil are perfect for removing eye makeup especially! They have also released a new lip balm range - citrus, mint and cinnamon which provide moisture and repair chapped lips in a few minutes! These are extremely affordable and perfect to add in with Mother's Day gifts! 

Find out more or buy here.




Perfect for every person who loves chocolate with the added bonus that it's also healthy and vegan! 
In my review of the Raw Chocolate Company last year, I started that it is possibly the best thing for vegans since an alternative to milk and I still stand by this! ;)

I have been loving their new Raw Chocolate Vanoffee Mulberries (so unbelievably deliciously chewy and chocolatey!) and the Raw Chocolate Golden Berries!

Find out more or buy here.




More chocolate! Because you can't really go wrong with chocolate as a gift, especially when it's as amazing as this!! Willie's Cacao is 100% pure and natural, using only the best ingredients (some of the dark chocolate bars are vegan); the 82g bars come in various flavours, each with a deliciously distinctive taste.

What I loved most about this brand, apart from the taste of the chocolate, is the packaging and attention to detail. With the Wonders of the World box (which contained a dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bar), was a world map highlighting the areas of production in the manufacturing of the chocolate also fitting in with the slogan "melt into a world of adventure".

Find out more or buy here.



My jewellery brand obsession, Chelsea Charles; jewellery inspired by and aimed towards healthy living (you will already have heard of this beautiful range if you read my last post here).

The Count Me Healthy bracelet provides a completely revolutionary fashionable way to track your goals. The 13 beads on the bracelet become representative of a target that you wish to achieve; for every step that you complete, you move bead to track your efforts.

I collaborated with Chelsea to create a video which shows you how to use the bracelets:

To begin with, all of the beads are pushed to one side of the bracelet. You then pick a goal that you wish to achieve, e.g: to monitor: glasses of water, fruit and veg portions, weigh lost, calories, diet points, vitamins, mealtimes, exercise sessions, miles walked, weekly workouts // to help reduce: cigarettes, fizzy drinks, saturated fat, sweets, coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, fast food.

Turn the daily target number into a bead count by dividing the number by the amount of beads (e.g. if you wanted to drink 13 glasses of water a day, this would be 13 glasses of water per bead).

Every time you achieve one of your 'goals' (e.g. every time you finish a glass of water), simply move one bead over to the other side to begin your count (with the bracelet still on your wrist - the way the bracelet is designed stops the beds from moving unless physically pushed by you)! I usually put all my beads to the left to begin with and move them over to the right one at a time.

At the end of the day, record your achievement if necessary then slide the beads back over, ready to begin the next day! 

Find out more or buy here.



Another jewellery range I have been loving! This bohemian style of jewellery is made by quite a few companies now, popping up all over instagram, but Effervescence has to be my favourite. I especially love the Clear Quartz choker; so pretty! My mum had her eye on quite a few of these pieces so I thought I would include it in here! It is also very affordable (perfect for students)! 

Find out more or buy here.




Or if you want to go for the whole handmade gift, why not make a personalised mug:


If you're reading this Mum, Happy Mother's Day! x


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  1. I don't wear much jewelry, but I love just about every piece you posted! My favorites are the hand-stamped ring, the & necklace.. and if I were a mom, I would absolutely want the necklace with my kids' handwriting.

    Custom Design Jewelry

  2. The pictures look mouth watering, and your description makes it even better. Can't wait to try out these Peruvian restaurants if I'm ever in town. Hoping to see more posts from you soon!

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