Chelsea Charles: Jewellery for the Health Conscious

Good morning everyone! 

Today's post is about my new jewellery brand obsession, Chelsea Charles; jewellery inspired by and aimed towards healthy living.




The Count Me Healthy bracelet provides a completely revolutionary fashionable way to track your goals. The 13 beads on the bracelet become representative of a target that you wish to achieve; for every step that you complete, you move bead to track your efforts.

 • how it works •

To begin with, all of the beads are pushed to one side of the bracelet.

You then pick a goal that you wish to achieve, e.g:
to monitor: glasses of water, fruit and veg portions, weigh lost, calories, diet points, vitamins, mealtimes, exercise sessions, miles walked, weekly workouts // to help reduce: cigarettes, fizzy drinks, saturated fat, sweets, coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, fast food.

Turn the daily target number into a bead count by dividing the number by the amount of beads (e.g. if you wanted to drink 13 glasses of water a day, this would be 13 glasses of water per bead).

Every time you achieve one of your 'goals' (e.g. every time you finish a glass of water), simply move one bead over to the other side to begin your count (with the bracelet still on your wrist - the way the bracelet is designed stops the beds from moving unless physically pushed by you)! I usually put all my beads to the left to begin with and move them over to the right one at a time.

At the end of the day, record your achievement if necessary then slide the beads back over, ready to begin the next day! 

 • examples •


Make sure you're drinking enough water - each bead can signify one 200ml glass of water.


*this has been my main use for this bracelet and it has been so helpful for me (I am usually quite the procrastinator).*

Every night, make 13 tasks for the following day - each bead signifies one task; every time you complete one of the tasks, move a bead. By the end of the day, all of your beads should be at the opposite side! (This becomes a challenge and helps give an incentive to complete your tasks)! 

• wearability •

 I absolutely love the design and colours of the bracelet; it can be worn with practically every outfit and is discreet yet elegant. Wear alone or stack up with more bangles and bracelets. (These will fit most wrist sizes; if you need to, open the cuff slightly and squeeze to the perfect fit once on your wrist).




The Love Tag necklaces are an elegant and discreet way to make a bold statement. The 14k gold and sterling silver tags each have a hand-stamped short statement. There are 19 to choose from altogether including hashtags/ words to inspire (#focus, #gratitude, #inspire, #gratitude) and activities (golf, HIIT, pilates, cheer, dance, running, spinning, yoga, real food).

I was sent the real food and #inspire 14k gold tags - the most perfect statements for me to make! 

The Real Food Commitment tag states a commitment to live a whole foods, unprocessed lifestyle.

- - - - - - - - 


The #inspire tag serves as a reminder to constantly inspire and be inspired.  

• wearability •

 The tags are each on a silk cord (24.5") which can be wrapped and tied to your preferred length. Also attached to the packaging is a 14k gold jump ring so you can also add the tag to your favourite necklace or bracelet.

The necklaces are prefect worn alone (over a plain cami) or stacked up to make double the statement!

• details •

On the back of each tag is a little stamped heart; I just love how dainty and petite these necklaces are!


To find out more about the Count Me Healthy Bracelets and Love Tag Necklaces or to buy, visit the website - there are collections/ colours to suit every style and these products are SO affordable considering the quality!

Also, visit Chelsea's social media for news and more info: facebook | instagram | twitter


As these will make such an amazing Christmas gift to your health-conscious family members and friends (*cough cough* Mum, I hope you are reading this), I am teaming up with Chelsea to give you all a discount off the Journal Bracelets! 

Enter HEATHER35 at the checkout for 35% off all bracelets and tags on the website!



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