New York Minute

Last month, I visited New York. I was there for a week and loved every minute of it. 

The scenery, the food, WHOLEFOODS, shopping, picnics, the temperamental weather, the people, the lights, the buildings, wholefoods, urban outfitters, the endless walking, dumbo, the meat packaging district, the high line, the subways, the busyness of it all, starspotting, the smells (not all of them good but it's all part of the experience), central park, did I mention wholefoods yet?!

A picture is worth a thousand words so without further ado'.

the food

veggie rolls from wholefoods

and again...

sushi at Top of the Rock

the best vegan veggie burger i've tasted in my life.

another wholefoods meal (this dog's dinner cost a small fortune)

but it was so delicious 

everything else

because everything is either food or it's not ... amirite?!

no caption needed (but i added one anyway)


artwork outside the rockefeller centre


ma and pa

i hate getting my photo taken.


tourist shot

Labour Day


place feet. point and click.




from the high line

chelsea market: a foodie's heaven, a decision maker's nightmare.

 where's your favourite place in the city?

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  1. Beautiful photographs! I need to start saving and get over there ASAP!

    1. Thank you Jordan! Let me know when you're going and I'll meet you there! :D

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