Ecotan Review: Summer Skin Through the Winter

It has now officially been Autumn for 17 days. Although I love Summer, there is something so special about Autumn. The changing trees, the warm (even though it's cold) atmosphere, the misty mornings, slippers, duvet days, hot drinks ... need I go on? 

*For people still holding on to the Summer, there's a little healthy froyo recipe at the bottom of this post - dressing gown and froyo...perfect Autumn combo!*

My main problem in Autumn, however, is my skin. 

As I am Scottish, I do not tan well at all. Even after living in Cyprus for 18 years, I would only ever show a bit of colour towards the end of Summer, as was the case this year. Two weeks later back in Scotland though and I'm turning a whiter shade of pale...

Eco Tan to the rescue! 


I've recently stared using this product and I love love love it! The Eco Tan Winter Skin is a gradual tan which is vegan and uses only certified organic and natural ingredients. The colour actually derives from cacao! This is combined with lots of great soothing ingredients like avocado oil, aloe vera and grapefruit extract creating a product that looks and smells like moisturiser (it literally has no fake tan smell at-all, rather a sweet floral scent) but creates a colour that builds to a lovely natural glow in just a few days. 

Just a little breakdown for anyone who wants to try:

Organic Winter Skin Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (300ml)

How to Use:
1. Exfoliate 24-48 hours before applying the tan.
2. Apply Winter Skin on to clean, dry skin using an even application of tan, lightly applying to the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles etc.
3. Wash hands straight after application!

Aloe vera leaf juice, glycerin, dihydroxyacetone, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, radish root, cacao powder, grape skin extract, chamomile flower extract, rose geranium oil, elderberry fruit extract.

Thanks to the rose oil, fruit extracts and chamomile, the tan has such a soothing feeling on the skin; just like a moisturiser!

I am terrible at describing scents but just now I can pick up a very sweet, floral, fruity scent! Not what you'd expect from a fake tan! 

Does it Work?
Yes! This product is so, so effective! I am not a big fan of 'fake tan' usually as I am always scared of turning orange, that horrible smell, staining white tops, white bed sheets etc. But this product literally covers all of the above! The colour is all-natural (actually derived from cacao), containing no bronzers or synthetic colours, thus solving the smell and colour problems!

After applying, I definitely noticed a bit of colour straight away. After three or four days of applying, I seemed to reach the maximum honey glow (such a lovely sun-kissed colour). I normally re-apply once every week, maybe a bit more if I am going somewhere! 


The last photo is me ( in new york :D ) three days after I had applied any tan. This may not look tanned to you but on my very pale skin it is for me! Obviously if you have a naturally darker skin tone, the products will show up darker on you ;)

So to confirm, yes this works and yes I would recommend it!! 

$29.95 AUD

Where to Buy:

The pack that my Winter Skin arrived in also contained an Exfoliant Glove (I believe it was the Winter Skin Pack) which I have been loving even on days when I'm not applying the tan! It removes dead skin cells to reveal fresh smooth skin. Its also said to unclog pores, reduce acne, blackheads and even cellulite!

I've used this on my face a couple of times and it definitely has made a difference! A word of warning though; use at night on your face as it can leave you a little flushed for an hour or so!

And always, always exfoliate 24-48 hours before applying tan!! It's needed for an even application.

Anyway! That's it for my non-food posts just now! But it's vegan so I thought it may appeal to some of you :)

And now, for the food!


Homemade Healthy Froyo

You will need: 
- 1 cup frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries etc)
- 1/2 - 1 cup of yoghurt (I used 0% Fage Total Greek but you could use CoYo or Soy)!
- 1 tbsp of sweetener (honey/ agave/ maple syrup) or a couple of soaked dates
- a splash of almond milk if needed.

Place all the ingredients (bar milk) in a high speed blender and blitz until smooth; if mixture is too thick and gets stuck in the blender, add a splash of almond milk. Serve topped with berries and drizzled with honey/ agave.


I shall end this post reminiscing about summer... bright sun, big smiles, shades on, sounds up, roof down, hair loose, care free, cool breeze, ice cream, tanned skin...

Ahhh... new season, new goals, new achievements?!

What do you miss most about summer?

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