Healthy 4 Ingredient Vegan Protein Fudge

What's better than fudge? healthy fudge...vegan fudge...protein about all three in one: 

I found this recipe on NicsNutrition and as it only has 4 ingredients (!) I thought I might as well try it! It is SO good. But so moreish... you make them and tell me if you can stop just after one! I challenge you ;)

I used About Time chocolate and vanilla vegan protein powders and made some of each and some half and half. It's all about variety. 

- 3tbsp ground almonds* 
- 2tbsp protein powder 
- 1tbsp coconut oil (melted) 
- 3/4tbsp agave/honey 
- (then the same again with a different flavour protein powder if desired) 

1. combine all ingredients in a bowl. 
2. repeat with different protein powder if using 
3. press into an ice cube tray (silicone is probably better)! 
4. place in freezer for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

*in @nicsnutritionoriginal recipe she also suggests PB2/ powdered peanut butter in place of the ground almonds... I think this would also be delicious!


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