Overnight Oat-y Chia Pudding Parfait

I'll admit here and now, although I am an absolute superfood fanatic, this is the first time I have ever tried Chia Seeds. I know, I'm a bit behind on the times in this case aren't I?! 

Although chia seeds, like other seeds, make a lovely crunchy (but usually tasteless) topping to porridge and smoothies, they can completely transform and add a whole new dimension to your food when soaked overnight..I present to you Chia Pudding.

As it my first time making chia pudding, I wanted to go all out and create a fancy parfait that was nutritious enough for breakfast but delicious enough to be a dessert. What better way to do that than make a parfait! A Four Layer Almond Chocolate, Greek Yogurt, Caramel Sauce, Chia Pudding, Overnight Oat-y Parfait ... Something so magnificent needs such a long name ;) 
Before I give you the recipe, I will quickly touch upon some of the health benefits of Chia Seeds:

  • Chia Seeds are great for regulating blood sugar levels. The coating of the seeds (achieved by soaking) can slow down digestion and prevent blood sugar spikes, both good factors for fighting diabetes.
  • Chia Seeds are extremely high in Omega 3 healthy fatty acids for brain health; fibre (11g in a 1 oz serving) for digestive health; calcium (18% RDA in a 1 oz serving) for bone and teeth health; and protein (10% RDA in a 1 oz serving) for healthy hair, nails and muscles! That's a whole lot of goodness in one little seed!
  • As well as the nutrients mentioned above, Chia Seeds are also high in phosphorus and manganese, they keep you fuller for longer (thanks to a certain amino acid that they provide) and can improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Chia seeds can be eaten whole, soaked or ground and can be found in most health stores and online, I'd definitely recommend trying them; the health benefits above speak for themselves! I really like the little Chia Shot portion packets by The Chia Co as they are really handy and provide just the right amount for one serving but any type will do for this recipe ;) 

Anyway, on with the recipe (which I posted on instagram about a month ago...I'm kind of behind with my posts)

Make the Chia Pudding Oats - soak overnight

Make the healthy Caramel Date Sauce and add to parfait.

Make the Almond Yogurt by combining almond milk and greek yogurt *use coyo or soy yogurt for vegan.

Make Chocolate Milk by combining almond milk and cacao powder; add to parfait.

Top the parfait with seeds, cacao nibs, raisins, pretty flowers (to remember the spring) or whatever your heart desires... 


You Will Need:

- 1/4 cup oats

- 8g chia seeds (1tbsp)
- 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk plus 1tbsp + 1tsp
- 1tsp apple sauce/ honey/ agave for added sweetness
- 2 pitted dates
- 1/8 tsp each salt and cinnamon 
- 1tbsp Total Greek yogurt (use coyo or soy for vegan)
- 1/2 tsp cacao powder
- toppings: cacao nibs, sunflower/ pumpkin seeds, nuts, flowers, rainbow sprinkles...

For the Base

For the base, combine 1/4 cup oats, 8g chia seeds, 1/4 cup unsw almond milk, 1tsp apple sauce (can be altered to anything to add sweetness) and 2tbsp water. Stir, cover and leave in fridge overnight. 

For the Caramel Sauce
Simply microwave 2 pitted dates, 1tsp water, 1/8 tsp salt and 1/8 tsp cinnamon for 40 secs. Mash, adding more water if needed, until a smooth caramel consistency is achieved.

For the Almond Yogurt

Mix together 1tbsp greek yogurt + 1tbsp almond milk. *use coyo or soy yogurt for vegan 

For Chocolate Milk

Combine 1/2tsp cacao powder + 1tsp almond milk. 

Layer up and top with raisins, seeds, nuts, dates, cacao nibs or anything your heart desires! 

Have you tried Chia Seeds? What are your favourite Parfait toppings?!

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  1. Ooooh this is just gorgeous, its my breakfast tomorrow morning! Thank you so much for your beautiful recipes they are simply divine!

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  3. The step by step guide is so useful..i'll try this for sure, thank you!

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