A Japanese Meze

After returning from lunch at Yo Sushi, I have decided to do another sushi post. I did say that I would didn't I?! I'm sorry to those of you who don't like sushi but if you've never tried it you definitely should! And don't let the whole raw fish thing put you off; most of the sushi I eat doesn't even contain raw fish. Also, you should try Yo sushi; I mean it's food on a conveyer belt. What's better than that?!

I do admit though, sometimes sushi is quite expensive to buy in restaurants which is why ... 

I decided to make my own!!

You should already know that I love mezes (usually of the Cypriot/ Greek variety) and I love Japanese food so I decided to combine the two; a Japanese style meze! As you can see above, I had: sushi (a crab stick nigiri, steamed fish nigiri, salmon + cucumber ISO and a prawn + pepper nigiri), grilled aubergine, beetroot + carrot maki, endamame beans and a carrot, courgette + endamame salad served with low salt soy sauce.


Grate a small carrot + courgette and slice an onion as thinly as possible (I used a mandolin slicer). Mix together and top with endamame beans, sesame seeds and balsamic vinegar (if desired).

Endamame Beans

A handful of steamed endamame sprinkled with chilli powder and crushed sea salt.

Grilled Aubergine

Cut three thin slices of aubergine. Place under a preheated medium grill for 3 minutes on each side.


I cheated a bit here and used pre-made sushi (from boots!) but to make your own sushi, follow my healthy low-carb sushi tutorial here.

This meze was so successful that I may make it a common occurrence; perhaps a different cuisine every week! Mexican, Italian , Spanish... right enough that would be a tapas!

Do you like sushi? If you have never tried it before, do you think you will now? What is your favourite cuisine? Have you ever tried Yo Sushi? Do they have these in the country you live?

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