A Healthy Chocolatey Easter Alternative

Happy Good Friday everyone! Although it may be Saturday by the time you are reading this...

Anyway, I thought I should do a chocolately post for you all seen as how it is Easter on Sunday! Have you all got Easter eggs at the ready? I haven't; I have something just as delicious but a bit more nutritious to celebrate the occasion.

Chocolate Nakd and Trek bars!

Now,  I have to admit: I LOVE chocolate so I can tell you, coming from a true chocolate lover that these bars are a great alternative.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll already know of my love for the original Nakd bars (as proclaimed here and here) but out of all of these bars, I have only actually tried the cocoa orange variety before. The caffe mocha is great, with a hint of a coffee taste; I have still to try the mint and cocoa delight but I'm sure they'll be great too! In case you were wondering, the 4 original style (fruit and nut) Nakd bars (caffe mocha, cocoa delight, cocoa orange and cocoa mint) which are all gluten and dairy free as well as being vegetarian and vegan contain approximately 135 calories, 17g sugar and 1g of sat fat each; compare this to your average chocolate bar...I dare you!

But the stars of this post are the new bars I got to try: the Trek Protein Flapjack Bar (only just released!) and the Nakd Cocoa Crunch, a brand new range! 

The new Crunch range is suitable for vegans as well as being gluten, dairy and sugar free. Unlike the original bars, this variety has added protein in the form of soya crunches; these give the bar a great texture and reduce the amount of sugar, fat and calories. These bars contain under 100 calories each making them a great on-the-go snack and alternative to sugar-filled cereal bars.

The new Trek Protein Flapjack are delicious as a treat! The Cocoa Oat variety I tried was covered with a layer of chocolate making it lovely and indulgent. These flapjacks just taste like your regular sweet and oaty flapjacks with one difference; only natural and healthy ingredients. As with the other Nakd bars, these are wheat and gluten free, suitable for vegans and have 9g of protein per bar. These bars are bigger in size than the others and contain 227 calories, 14g of sugar and 5.2g saf fat each. I suppose the fat content is quite high but, again, compare this to your average chocolate bar! These bars provide a lot of energy so they are great before a work out or first thing in the morning to set you up for the day or if you just want a smaller snack, why not split it over two days! From what I can see on the Nakd website, these bars also come in Morning Berry, Banana Bread, Oat Raisin, Cocoa Coconut and Original. I can't wait to try them all! Apart from the coconut ... as I mention in quite a lot of my posts, I HATE coconut! 

Have you tried Nakd bars? What do you think of the new varieties? Will you be having a healthy alternative to a chocolate egg? I thoroughly recommend it! Or why not have both?! I probably will ;)

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