Total Split Pots: A Nostalgic Yoghurty-Covered Heaven

I think I have just died and gone to a nostalgic yoghurty-covered heaven. Seriously. You don't know how long I have been waiting for this moment. I have managed to get my hands on these (thanks to the amazing Total (fage) Greek Yoghurt company)!

They also sent me this amazing coolbox with loads of little icepacks; great for a picnic!

They may just look like any old yoghurt to you but these are amazing. They are so amazing that when I scoured every supermarket in a 40 minute radius looking for them and couldn't find them, I managed to persuade my mother to sneak one in her hand luggage when she came over from Cyprus last year. Well seen I devoured it the second she arrived.

Right, maybe I should backtrack here and explain myself a bit first before my excitement reaches the roof. When I lived in Cyprus, I used to get fage Greek yoghurt split pots (my favourite being blueberry and pomegranate); these were 100% Greek yoghurt on one side and a fruity compote on the other. They were my favourite snack, especially on a warm summers day, and my father and I used to fight over them! Anyway, when I had to move back to Scotland for university, I noticed a TV advert showing that these were sold in the UK; I was so pleased that I would be able to keep a little part of home! When I got here, however, I couldn't find them anywhere! I even bought a months supply to eat in a week when I saw them on holiday in Dubai. But anyway, enough of my ramblings. They are finally here!

So what is so great about this yoghurt you may ask?! First things first, I don't know if you all have noticed, but many yoghurts nowadays have so many ingredients, the main two being sweeteners and water (?!). Not these yoghurts! Just pure greek yoghurt (0% I may add) and a fruity compote (or honey). They are so thick and creamy compared to other watery yoghurt varieties. They are also extremely filling; this filled me right up the whole morning. That's another thing, you can eat them for breakfast, as a snack or as dessert: 

Try the strawberry split pot with some fruity ryvita and chopped up apple for a super filling breakfast (or dessert)!

If you aren't too keen on thick yoghurts, simply mix in some water! I tried this with the raspberry variety and it still tastes great...and lasts a bit longer too!

You may think I'm going OTT here, but don't judge until you try them! 

These pots come in four 'total'ly (see what I did there?!) delicious flavours: a traditional sweet honey,  a sweet strawberry compote, a tangy blueberry compote and a new flavour (my favourite), raspberry and pomegranate.

As you can probably see, each pot is 80% yoghurt and 20% compote/ flavour.  Nutritionally, each one contains approximately 150 calories (the honey one contains a bit more), 0g of fat (!) and around 21g of sugar as well as 14g of protein(!!!). Greek yoghurt has so many health benefits including live cultures and friendly bacteria; read my superfood Greek Yoghurt post here to see more of its benefits.

Next time you're at the supermarket (ADSA, Tesco, Waitose, Sainsburys ... apart from the ones I live nearby!) and you see these, think of me. Think of Cyprus. Think of a nostalgic yoghurty-coated heaven. Once you go Total, you won't go back! haha ;)

Oh...and be warned! They aren't just for us health freaks! My dad and little nephew love them too ... I caught them having one of my honey flavoured ones! So I'd hide them if I was you!

Have you tried these? Can you buy them where you live? What is your favourite flavour if you have tried them? Americans and Canadians... I see you have a lot of flavours we don't have here in the UK! What are they like?! 

By the way! I spotted this on the Total Greek Yoghurt facebook page this morning and I want it so much! 

Another one of my obsessions is bento boxes and black and blum are one of my favourite companies that create them (I already have 2 others from their range). So could it really get any better?! Black and Blum and Total Greek Yoghurt? The only problem is the price added to my student spending's a little over budget at £25. It is a limited edition thing though; I think only 100 have been made and all proceeds go to charity. What do you think guys... should I buy one?! Help me decide!

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