Superfood Number Five

Today's superfood is a fruit, although some would class it as a vegetable. Many people try and avoid it in their diet as it is synonymously high in fat; this fat, however, is good fat and contains nutrients and vitamins essential for our bodies. I am, of course, referring to avocados (or an alligator pear)!

If you've been reading my last few superfood posts you'll know the script by now; here's what's so great about avocados:
  • 1/5 (30g) of a medium avocado contains 50 calories and 20 vitamins and minerals!

  • Avocados are sodium and cholesterol free as well as being low in carbs and sugar.

  • Avocados help you gain more nutrients from other foods (through their oleic acid); for example, including them in salads along with carrots helps you to absorb more carotenoid.

  • Like carrots, avocados also contain their own carotenoids (lutein); these are antioxidants and help towards eye health.

  • Avocados contain a lot of fibre and help you to feel fuller for longer.

  • Avocados contain vitamin K (a fat-soluble vitamin), potassium (important for metabolism), folate (for cell and tissue development) and vitamins C, B and E.

  • Avocados contain a lot of anti-inflammatory nutrients which can help towards preventing arthritis. 

  • 75% of the fat in avocados is monounsaturated which helps reduce blood cholesterol as well as the risk of heart disease.

In contrast to yesterday's carrot post, I don't actually have that many recipes for avacado as I usually just have it chopped up in salad, spread onto crispy pita bread, in homemade sushi or blended into a paste with some garlic powder and pepper to mix through whole wheat spaghetti and julienned veg. 

Here's my two recipes first:



1 sheet of nori seaweed     
50g sushi rice (rice vinegar and caster sugar)  
25g prawns 
1/4 avocado thinly sliced   
mayonnaise (if desired) 
sesame seeds (for sprinkling)

1. Cook sushi rice according to instructions, mixing with the stated amount of rice vinegar and caster sugar). Leave to cool.
2. Half the sheet of nori and spread rice over both halves in a thin layer. Turn over and repeat.
3. Cover one half with the prawns and the other half with the avocado (and mayo if desired).
4. Press together like a sandwich and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. Cut into 6.

Have you got any recipes to add? Do you like avocados? If so, have you always liked them?

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  1. You make the food look so appetising Heather! Xx


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