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If you are a regular reader of my blog (and have read this post and this one) you will know that I am a big fan of Nakd bars. I'm always looking out for great convenient but healthy snacks to take with me to university and to also share with my readers. That is why I was honoured to be sent out some of the new Nakd Nudie varieties to try out as well as a packet of infused raisins.

If you haven't heard of them before, Nakd bars are great. Seriously. They are bars made from purely raw fruit and nuts. This is the number one thing I like about these products; their lack of ingredients. They have no additives, no added sugar, no added preservatives, no added anything! They are also completely wheat and gluten free (for anyone who this affects). On top of all of this, they are delicious!

The two I got sent to try were the Rhubarb and Custard and the Pecan Pie. These were two flavours I had not yet tried in the range and I am so sorry I did not find them sooner; they're great!

My favourite was the Rhubarb and Custard:

I was in disbelief at the flavours of this bar considering it contains only dates, cashews, raisins and a hint of natural flavours! Seriously, if you look on the back of a regular cereal bar, take a look at the list of ingredients on the back (I bet you won't even recognise half of them...I don't!)...these bars show that you don't need all of that! The taste of them is quite nostalgic; it reminds me of being a little kid and eating rhubarb and custard sweets; only this is a bit (!) healthier. The texture of this bar is soft and chewy and even though I tried to savour the taste for as long as possible, I finished it quickly; it was a substantial snack though and kept me content until lunch time!

Pecan Pie:

This bar contains even fewer ingredients than the last (if that's even possible) but is still extremely flavourful. We all know how great a combination dates, pecans and almonds are though, right?!

Nakd Lime Infused Raisins:

These raisins are exactly what they say on the packet; tangy lime raisins! They aren't too sour and aren't too sweet; a perfect combination ideal for eating as a snack on their own, with mixed nuts, as a breakfast topper (they're great on porridge!) or for baking. The 25g serving size is so handy's just enough to give you a little energy burst! As it says above, they taste like sweets and are a great healthier, all natural alternative! 

If you haven't tried these bars before, I thoroughly recommend them.  And if you don't believe me about the ingredients, take a look at their website. I remember the first time I read their 'what makes us different' section, I reached into my bag to retrieve an empty 'healthy' cereal bar packet and was shocked by the list of over 30 ingredients, many of them which sounded like chemicals that should not be added to food!

Apart from Pecan Pie and Rhubarb and Custard, I think you can also get flavours like Gingerbread, Berry, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa, Mocha, Cocoa Mint and of course Cocoa Orange (as tried in my Nutribox). The raisins also come in a variety of flavours such as Lemon, Cherry, Pineapple, Orange and Cola (I bet that'll be a great alternative to Cola bottles!). As the Nakd brand is surprising well known now (for a health product) in the UK, most of these products can be bought in all major supermarkets (ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-op, Morrisons etc.), health stores and, of course, the Nakd website. The bars are on average 75p, which isn't bad considering the price of some health foods and the raisins are usually only 32p, a great healthier alternative to a bag of sweets! Keep an eye out for them being on offer though;  I always do (tweet me if you spot any bargains)!!

Anyway! Try them; they're tasty. :)

Have you tried these bars before? What's your favourite type? What variety do you think you would like best? People outside of the UK, are there products similar to this in your country? I certainly wish they sold Nakd bars in Cyprus... think I may be taking a suitcase-full back in April!

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  1. OMG THESE LOOK FANTASTIC!!! I love dried fruit and nut type bars...Especially when there are dates involved!

    Actually one of my favorite things right now are dried, unsulfered bananas from Costco...They have a beautiful gummy texture! AND dried organic apricots...They remind me of black liquorice! All natural candy!

    1. Me too! Dates are amazing!

      They sound great! I love finding unsulfured dry fruit...a perfect snack!

  2. I love Nakd bars too, although my fave flavour is the choc orange- tastes like a brownie but still healthy! Love! :)

    1. I love the cocoa orange ones too Beki! I think I would rather eat that to a chocolate bar any day!

  3. These sound delicious......I'm dying to try the rhubarb and custard. I'm always looking for new healthy snack ideas. Thanks for this. Can you get them in all supermarkets or just health food stores?

    1. They are delicious! No problem, love sharing my snack ideas! You can get them in most supermarkets nowadays as well as health food stores...they are surprisingly easy to find!


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