The Nutribox: Healthy Snacks Delivered

Good afternoon to you all! Hope you've had a productive day. Yesterday I was making myself a cup of fruit tea and was contemplating what snack to have with it whilst looking at my empty cupboards. While the kettle was boiling I ran down to check my mail and to my surprise (as I thought it wasn't coming until the end of February) I found this!

I had signed up for the Nutribox after I had read about it on someone else's blog. It is basically just a box filled with 9-11 healthy snacks, most of which are suitable for vegetarians as well as being gluten and dairy free, that is sent straight to your doorstep for £12.95 a month! This is so handy if, like me, you only have one shelf of 'healthy food' and snacks in your local supermarket which are overpriced and often hard to find!

Anyway, I opened my box to find:

Apple Crumble, The Energiser and Brazil Nut Mix nut mixes (surprisingly enough!), Cocoa Orange Nakd bar, Beond Berry bar, Rude Health Pumpkin bar, Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie, Bounce Spirulina & Ginseng ball thing, Miss Wallflower Candy: Energise and Ombar Probiotic Coconut Chocolate.

I'm going to list all of these products below and give you all my opinion as and when I try them in case you are interested in trying them yourself! So keep checking back at this blog post for the updates as I've only tried three so far!

Apple Crumble, The Energiser and Brazil Nut Mixes

I think these are pretty self explanatory; dried fruit and nuts in a bag! You can't really go wrong with that! After looking at their website I think I will definitely be trying more products from this company.

Size/ Amount: These are quite small bags but I suppose that's good as they are all so moreish!
Price: 65g bags of these retail at £1.50 from what I can see.
Website: Ludlow Nut Company
You Can Buy Them From: localised health stores and some co-ops as well as online.

The first contains brazil nuts (great for protein and selenium), crunchy banana chips and sultanas:
Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency: 10/10

The second contains hazelnuts, walnuts, dried apple and chopped dates.

Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency: 10/10

The third contains brazil nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, flame raisins and cranberries.

Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency: 10/10

Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar 

*UPDATED 31st January

Of all of the products in my nutribox, the nakd bar was the only one I had really heard of before. Although I absolutely love them, I had only actually tried the apple pie and banana bread bars before (hence their presence in my favourite products post last month). I primarily liked these because of the oats and therefore didn't think I would be too keen on the bars made purely from dried fruit and nuts. The fact that these bars are also 'cocoa' put me off as, although I love chocolate, I haven't ever really liked weak chocolate flavours (like chocolate milkshake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse etc). I believed this bar would have that taste as it is a 'health food' bar. Well...

How wrong was I?! I totally and utterly LOVE these bars. The taste is so surprisingly chocolatey, the texture is great and they smell great too! I think I may like them better than the 'oaty' nakd bars!

Size/ Amount: 10/10 - Same as the rest of the bars; perfect size for a filling snack.
Price: 60p (in waitrose and tesco just now!) per 35g bar; Cheaper than the rest of the bars; probably due to the fact they are more well known.
Website: Nakd
You Can Buy Them From: Most Supermarkets, health stores and online.
Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency: 8/10

Beond Berry Bar 

*UPDATED 30th January

Well what can I say; I love, love, love this bar! It's great! Not too soft, not too hard, not too sweet and not too bitter. It's a perfect combination of flavours and has a great texture with little crunchy bits! As with the Rude Health Bar below, I will definitely be buying this again and look forward to trying other things from Pulsin'.

Size/ Amount: 10/10 - Just the right size; filling but not too sickening.
Price: approx. £1.25 per 40g bar (I suppose this is quite expensive but I think it's worth it!).
Website: Pulsin' (follow them on twitter and facebook)
You Can Buy Them From: online health and nutritional stores and the Pulsin' website.
Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency:10/10

Rude Health Pumpkin Bar 

I was pleasantly surprised by this bar; it manages to be sweet and spicy at the same time and is delicious considering it contains only a few (all natural) ingredients. It is a similar taste and texture to a nakd bar (perhaps a bit harder) but the spices add a new twist. I will definitely buy this again and after looking at their website,  I'm tempted to try the beetroot bar too!

Size/ Amount: 10/10 - perfect size for a filling snack between meals.
Price: £0.96 per 35g bar (which I suppose is quite expensive!).
Website: Rude Health
You Can Buy Them From: all of the main supermarkets (ADSA, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys) and health stores
Taste/ Flavour: 9/10
Texture/ Consistency: 8/10

Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie 

*Updated 5th February

I am majorly excited to try out the rest of the Pulsin' and Beond range because I love this brownie as much as the Acai Berry Bar! This company is amazing! To make a healthy chocolate brownie that tastes better than a regular one?! I wish I had the recipe to this brownie so that I could have it every day!

Size/ Amount: 8/10 - I split this over two days as it is quite large and an indulgence.
Price: approx. £1.50 per 50g bar (You would pay more than this for a brownie from a coffee shop!).
Website: Pulsin' (follow them on twitter and facebook)
You Can Buy Them From: online health and nutritional stores and the Pulsin' website.
Taste/ Flavour: 10/10
Texture/ Consistency: 9/10

Bounce Spirulina & Ginseng 

*Updated 5th February

I must admit, when I first tried this bounce 'ball', I wasn't too keen as the tastes were quite peculiar so I put it back into my nutribox and left it there. That was until I came in from university today, absolutely exhausted after practically running home uphill with my heavy bag and laptop. I reached inside my cupboard and pulled out this bar and it really did give me a 'boost'. The taste was so much better than when I first tried it and I was pleasantly full until dinner time. The texture is also really nice; a cake-y consistency with a nutty exterior! The other flavours look great too!

Size/ Amount: 8/10 - Again, as mentioned, I split this over two days.
Price: approx. £1.79 per 'ball'
Website: Bounce
You Can Buy Them From: Waitrose, online health and nutritional stores and the Bounce website.
Taste/ Flavour: 7/10
Texture/ Consistency: 9/10

Miss Wallflower Candy: Energiser 

An exotic combination of energising superfoods and herbs. I am sorry to do this as this product is made in Scotland and I'm all about promoting things from my country but I do not like these raw cookies at all. I know why though! Coconut. I HATE coconut. It is one of the foods that I absolutely despise...even the thought of it makes me feel sick. Anyway, rant over! These products are a really great idea and I would definitely love to try one without coconut in them (I believe the only one is the Nourish Variety). I'm sure if you like coconut you will love them. 

As expected..

Size/ Amount: 8/10
Price: £2.49 per 100g bag
Website: Miss Wallflower Candy
You Can Buy Them From: Raw Living and Real Foods

Taste/ Flavour: 1/10
Texture/ Consistency: 5/10 (it was probably higher but I couldn't stand the taste so it clouded my judgement!)

*UPDATE: I have been informed by Sarah from the Wallflower Candy Company that there are currently no products which contain coconut as it is a main ingredient but they will be bringing out two non-coconut products in April! I'll be trying these as soon as they come out so I'll let you know what I think! I'm sure I'll love them.

Ombar Probiotic Coconut Chocolate

I think you can guess how this is going to go from the main ingredient...It looks like chocolate, it smells like chocolate and to be honest, it tastes like chocolate with a lingering coconut taste. I took a little nibble out of this and was really disappointed that the coconut was so strong as I think apart from that I would have loved it. This probiotic chocolate is made from completely raw ingredients and coconut cream. I am dying to try some of the other varieties mentioned on their website (Strawberry sounds great)!

Size/ Amount: 10/10
Price: £2 per 38g bar
Website: Ombar
You Can Buy Them From: Raw Living and Real Foods

Taste/ Flavour: 3/10 (Obviously a different flavour would have been given 10!)
Texture/ Consistency: 10/10


So that's what I think of what I have received! I got a really good mixture and it was great to try all of these new products. I have already cancelled my nutribox subscription as, apart from my student budget, is hard to keep up with any subscriptions as I am away for half of the year. I would, however, definitely recommend this company because, as I mentioned before, it is a great way to find new healthy foods that you can't necessarily buy nearby. It also seems a friendly company; I received a lovely personalised email from them after explaining why I wanted to cancel my subscription!

Have you ever had a nutribox? Or tried any of the products mentioned above? Which do you think you would like? Have you got any favourite similar healthy snack products (this question especially refers to people in other countries)! 

By the way, I've mentioned this in my newest post but I'll add it in here too... I've finally made a twitter associated just with this blog so I would love if you could follow me! As well as links to the blog, I will also be tweeting daily health and nutrition tips, recipe ideas and photos of things that I am eating or making! If you follow me, I'll follow back!

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  1. Good feedback on these products. I'll definitely be trying some of these!

  2. BRILLIANT!!! I love getting care packages! Especially with healthy goodies :)

    I'm fairly picky when it comes to pre packaged goods so I am constantly looking to see what kind of preservatives they've put in their products...If any at all. All of these things look great! And if they are made with natural ingredients with little or no preservatives I'd say you have yourself a great find!

    1. Me too Katie!!

      I am also very picky when it comes to packaged snacks! They all have so many artificial ingredients and flavours in them! That's why these ones are so great!

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  5. Yes these all chocolates are really tasty as I have checked some of these but I wanna say that BOUNCE SPIRULINA & GINSENG is my favorite chocolate. I almost eat it once a day...

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