Healthy Stir-Fried Rice With Prawns in Under 25 mins

Just a quick post today. I have already got quite a lot of work to do for university but I just can't focus. I can't think of a design to analyse therefore I can't start the analysis! That and the fact that I've just started watching the TV series 'Once Upon A Time' and it's so good! Already on episode 4! I would say my excuse for staying in all day is the snow and horrible weather in Scotland but it hasn't even snowed here today...It's been freezing but not snowy.

Anyway, here's a quick recipe for you all: a healthy alternative to a take-away stir fried rice.

Healthy Stir-Fried Rice With Prawns in Under 25 mins

You will need (serves 2 or 1 very hungry person!):
- 250g mixed frozen veg (peas, corn, carrot, pepper, green bean)
- 1 med. onion sliced
- 2 med. mushrooms diced
- 1 sm. green pepper diced
- 100g defrosted prawns
- 1/4 cup uncooked rice (or 1/2 cup cooked rice) - preferably brown rice!
- 1 med. egg whisked
- 1 tsp. olive oil
- 1 tsp. light soy sauce

1. In two separate pans, cook rice and frozen veg according to instructions.
2. Once cooked, drain, reheating veg to get rid of excess water if necessary.
3. Meanwhile, add oil to a preheated wok (or frying pan) and fry the onions on a medium heat for a minute or so before adding the mushrooms and pepper.
4. Add mixed veg and continue to stir fry quickly before adding the prawns. 
5.After a minute stir in the rice and soy sauce.
6. Finally, add the whisked egg and stir continuously for 2 minutes until the egg has cooked through.

Obviously this recipe can be adapted with chicken or more veg instead of prawns.

So next time you go to phone a takeaway, check in your cupboards and I bet you will have the majority of these ingredients. In only 25 minutes you can make a meal which is healthier and will save you money!

What's the weather like where you are? Ever watched Once Upon A Time? What's your favourite piece of design (come on me out here; my decision making skills are awful)!?

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