A Little Bit Salad Obsessed

Who said salads have to be boring?! I used to only have salads in Cyprus as they are more of a summer meal. Since I've been back in Scotland for my second year at uni, however, I have been eating them almost every day! Perhaps it's just another thing I subconsciously do to remind myself of home.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite salad variations:

All of these salads have the same basic main ingredients:
- Shredded Lettuce (romaine or iceberg)
- Shredded Cabbage (purple or green)
- Cucumber (cut into 1cm slices then quartered)
- A Grated Carrot
- Sliced Red Pepper (usually a pickled pepper)
- Handful of Sweetcorn
- Sliced Onion Rings or Finely Chopped Onion

I sometimes add:
- Mixed Frozen Veg (peas, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower etc.)
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Avacado (I LOVE AVACADO)

and I usually always have my salads with pitta bread (unless they have pasta in them) or arabic bread (if you haven't tried arabic bread from Dubai, I thoroughly recommend it). When I'm having pitta bread with salad, it has to be toasted until it's rock hard and crispy...weird, I know. Oh, and I always eat my salads with chopsticks.

Fish Salads:

Mixed Seafood Salad:

Basic salad, as above, with prawns and crab sticks (obviously you can add more seafood...this is all we had in the house at the time). Lovely with avacado cubes. My dad had this with homemade thousand island dressing (1 part ketchup, 1 part mayo and some vinegar). I just had my usual sweet chilli sauce.

Tuna Salad

Basic salad with 80g tuna!

 Salmon Salad

Basic salad with flaked grilled/ poached/ steamed salmon. You definitely have to have avocado with this! (Nice little shot of my Starbucks tabletop..)

Meat Salads

Lountza Salad

Basic salad again with lountza (extremely lean cypriot smoked pork loin) cubes and chickpeas. With this salad, I usually have a Cypriot style dressing: a bit of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon and dried oregano. 

Mexican Chicken Salad

Inspired by Petros's Cafe in Cyprus: Basic salad with red, yellow and green pepper slices, mixed beans (kidney, flageolet, pinto and cannellini beans), sweetcorn, onion and grilled chicken slices with a mexican/ barbecue style rub. I don't think I even had a dressing with this but it tastes great with greek yogurt.

This is a chicken caesar salad I used to get in a restaurant in Limassol. I have never really liked cheese so my dad always got the parmesan and the bits of bacon and at the time I never liked tomatoes so he got them too as well as the caesar dressing! But the pitta sticks on top were always absolutely delicious as well as the balsamic glaze. I think the pitta bites were just slices of pitta bread brushed with oil and grilled or maybe deep fried..they were so worth it though! Funnily enough, the place I used to get this is now shut and has been replaced by a bar in the hip and trendy area of Limassol old town market square. We went in over the Christmas holidays for a couple of drinks (I just had a nescafe as I was the designated driver) and they gave us a little basket of these with a dip. It was safe to say that I tanned the lot...

Vegetarian Salads

Dry-Roasted Vegetable Salad

Basic salad topped with dry-roasted or grilled: chickpeas, pepper, chopped cherry tomatoes and onion sprinkled with oregano. I usually have the Cypriot dressing mentioned above with this salad.

Summer Pasta Salad

(I think this might have tuna in it but you can have it without as a veggie dish too!)  Small handful of cooked pasta with mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, green beans, peppers, onions) mixed with extra-light philadelphia cheese and a bit of milk and sprinkled with basil. Line a bowl with lettuce leaves (preferably romaine lettuce) and fill with the pasta mixture.

and for something a bit different...

Salad in Nori Sheets 

Cabbage, carrots, cucumber and peppers all julienned along with sliced onions and spring onions. Lay on a sheet of Nori seaweed (leaving space on each side) and top with sweet chilli sauce before rolling up like a tortilla. Sprinkle with dry-roasted sesame seeds.

So next time you go to say salads are rabbit food...think again!
And be prepared for my stir-fry variations some time this week; I have them a lot too!

What is your favourite salad mentioned above? Do you have any more salad variations to add to the list? Do you have strange ways of eating your salad? Not that I find my habbit of eating everything with chopsticks weird...I know my parents do though! but that's why they love me ;) haha

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  1. Clicked over to your blog from a comment you left on our WIAW post last week.... WOW! So many awesome salad ideas. Definitely bookmarking this for when I want a salad but I'm not sure what to put in it!

    p.s. our sister-in-law is from Scotland! (Edinburgh)

    1. haha thankyou! Oh cool! I live about an hour and a half away from Edinburgh but it's lovely there! Have you ever visited?

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