DIY American Flag Stars and Stripes Converse Style Hi-Tops

I know, I's hard to believe that I am updating my blog for the third time in three days! It just shows how much free time I have just now. So much free time that I decided to paint some shoes I had bought in the sale from topshop last year.

Similar to my American flag shorts, I had been thinking of buying the American flag converse for ages now...and then I thought why not try and make them myself! So in true Heather Adamson fashion, here are my DIY American Flag Stars and Stripes hi tops.

Original shoes from Topshop (Tracey Lacey Tie Hi Tops, I think they were about £10...not bad from Topshop!)

and my DIY American Flag Stars and Stripes hi tops!

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  1. What paint do you use to paint them and how du you do it ??? i would like så paint i pair of old levis shorts like you have done.

    1. I used acrylic paint, it isn't really for fabric but i have washed my shorts loads of times and the colour has still stayed on well. I've explained more on how i painted my shorts on this post

      I basically painted the whole front of the shorts with white acrylic. I then put masking tape in stripes on one side and large stars on the other side (where i wanted it to stay white). I painted the stripes red and around the stars blue. I've put the exact colour shades I used on the other post if you want to know them :)

      Let me know how you get on!

  2. You did that on your own? Bravo! it looks very professional work!

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