Jimmy Choo PEP project inspired purse

I had a good day at the picnic yesterday. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot, the sculpture park was almost empty so really quiet and I got my starbucks. :) We spent a couple of hours there and I managed to finish my sketch for the new blog heading (and later edited it on my ipad...what do you all think?).

The purse below is one that I painted myself a few months ago. I was planning on treating myself to the Jimmy Choo PEP project handbag or purse but it seems to be out of stock everywhere so I used it as inspiration for my purse:

I loved how colourful and busy the Jimmy Choo bag was so I tried to use all the colours if not more in my design and adapted some of the images as well as coming up with my own.

and of course I had to include new york on it somewhere..did you expect any less?! haha

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